Ravencoin Collectible Limited Edition Nickel & Silver Coin


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Special Limited Edition run of a physical collectible coin for Ravencoin. Each Limited Edition coin is 2 inches / 5 cm and made from a mix of Nickel and Silver materials featuring a customized design by the Ravencoin community members.

Each Limited Edition coin comes with a unique Certificate of Authenticity that’s plated with 24K Gold and issued by RavencoinShop identifying the serial number of the coin. Both the Coin and Certificate of Authenticity are set in a coin collector’s box made just for this Limited Edition Physical Raven Coin.


  • Ravencoin logo
  • 10 colored stars
  • Ravencoin name on top & bottom


  • Customized and unique serial number imprinted on the bottom of the coin
  • Limited Edition logo
  • 10 colored stars
  • Ravencoin name on top

This is a collectible coin only, it does not act as a wallet to store your Ravencoin. However, if you would like to have your public Ravencoin wallet address imprinted on both the Coin and Certificate of Authenticity, we can have that done for an additional cost of $9.99. Please select “Wallet Address Price” from the drop-down menu above the add-to-cart option above on this page.

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Weight12 oz
Dimensions4 × 4 × 1 in


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