Ravencoin - merchandise for the community, by the community

Ravencoin.shop merchandise purchases supports the Ravencoin Community! We will be donating 75% of profits to the Ravencoin Community to fund additional outreach activities. The remaining 25% will be used to cover operating costs, mainly website servers and shipping costs.

We will publish a monthly sales report to be 100% transparent with the community. If we have additional funds left over after paying monthly operating costs then those will also be donated to the community.

The following Ravencoin wallet will be used to deposit all community donations from our sales:  RJwFGEPiX8AeQYhXRrVriJEiV1V9P7GTbn

Design & Product Collection

Here’s some examples of the products and designs submitted by the Ravencoin Community

Monthly Community Design Contests & Giveaways

Each month we will hold design contests for the community to submit designs YOU want to see on Ravencoin branded gear! The prizes will change every month so be on the lookout in Discord and on our Facebook & Twitter pages!